Negativity anger and hate

I get it that working in a call center can be trying. I’m about ready to walk out due to my co-workers, not the customers. These ladies literally yell at customers. They mute the call in the middle and just cuss wildly. Roll their eyes, mostly ignore them and the irritation in their voices cannot be masked. Yelling MA’AM, MA’AM over and over again. Mute “fucking bitch” un-mute “MA’AM”. Ugh. I wear noise cancelling headphones just so that I don’t have to listen to them. I’d rather listen to a complainer on the phone.

I have been very upset by customers yes. I’ve been cussed at by customers. I too sometimes mumble stuff under my breath but I do not understand being so incredibly rude to people.

Older people that aren’t good with computer and emails “stupid f*****g bitch” is what they’re called while muted. Some people don’t know about our company and are unaware of the rules, “dumb f*****g c**t”. It’s constant.

Sometimes they’ll hang up on customers or the customer will hang up and call back and I get the customers. I’m not amazing, but I can help them without losing my shit. I don’t get it.

I’m more sick of my co-workers loud yelling and cussing than I am of the customers calling. They truly treat people like shit. Then they wonder why customers are difficult.

I wish we could do better.

What do you think?

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Could you be any more vague

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