At least he apologized.


Call center for a public transit agency. Disclaimer, I’m using made up street names and bus numbers.

Guy calls up, before I even get out the greeting he starts in with “Shut up, shut up, shut up, just stop talking, stop talking for god’s sake you asshole.”

So I already know it’s gonna be a good one.

It should be noted since we’re a government agency we can’t hang up on these people we just have to take the abuse.

He says he’s at the corner of First and Oak waiting for the next eastbound 99 bus.

Now, I know for a fact the 99 bus doesn’t go anywhere near that intersection. I politely inform him of this, “Sir the 99 doesn’t stop at First and Oak.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? How fucking stupid are you? I take this bus all the time you goddamn moron. I know it does so tell me when it’s coming.”

As I try to explain it again it doesn’t but these other busses do and he rattles off a string of insults, I’m retarded, I’m an asshole, I’m stupid, no wonder I have this job I was too stupid to get into college, I’m too inept and too big a moron to even have this job, I’m a dumb fuck, I hope your parents are dead so they don’t have to see how goddamn stupid you turned out (yes he really said that) on and on and on.

I reiterate, “Sir, regardless of all that, the 99 bus does *not* go to Oak and First.”

“What? Wait….no, I’m at 6th and Riverhill looking for the eastbound 108.”

“Indeed. Well then…The eastbound 108 gets to 6th and Riverhill in 35 minutes.”

“That does me no good. But I was wrong so that’s my bad. But it doesn’t change the fact you’re an ignorant cocksucker.”

And then he hangs up.

On the upside that was my last call of the day.

Edit: I guess admitting he was wrong than an apology but…close enough. Close as someone like he will ever get, I suppose.


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