Stop reminding me!

I spoke to a customer that was rather annoyed that we apparently make regular calls and/or alerts to him to make sure he knows when his bill is due. After he explained to me what was going on I felt less bad for him and more earnest that he can simply avoid what’s going on with a much easier way of paying us.

The call went more like this after we verified his acct details:
C = customer
M = me

C: I just got a phone call that is reminding me that Im past due. I am not past due, am I?

M: well yeah a little, The due date for your current bill was a couple days ago and the last payment that was received was last month. Have you made a payment since then?

C: Yes. I made a payment like I do every single month for years. I sent in a check in the mail. You haven’t received it yet?

M: at this point, the last payment the received was at the end of last month. For $XXX.

C: that’s ridiculous, I sent it in a couple weeks ago when I received the bill. You can’t tell me it’s not there.

M: checks by mail are always accepted, however there are many times in which the mail could be delayed and it may not get to where it’s going for several more days.

C: well that’s a poor excuse. Last time I called the person said that yall were short staffed. So I think that’s why you all haven’t taken my payment.

M: the call center I’m working at is hiring though it’s more for people taking calls, I can’t speak for the billing department That handles all our payments. Once payments are received it is processed immediately.

C: this happens every time I send my payment in, y’all seem to mess this shit up and somehow my payments are marked as late.

M: I am sorry for that sir, as I say we can’t control how fast the mail gets here. However you have other ways of paying your bills such as online or over the ph—

C: I don’t like doing things online!

M: ok fair enough, you can also pay over the phone or at a pay station as well even. Both of those post to your account immediately.

C: I will just keep sending it in by check. I just don’t like the constant late notifications.

M: I understand. So is there anything else I can help you with then?

C: …

He hangs up without saying anything.

Oh how dense some people can be.

What do you think?

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