About to quit this call center nightmare

Been working at a call center for a home security company for the past 8 months.

My previous job was a personal trainer in a different state.

I decided to try something new when moved to a new spot.

Didn’t realize how horrible this could be.

You’d think as someone who exercises, meditates, and eats clean that it would offset this dreadful panic-induced feeling, nope not true.

Requested to work part-time 3 weeks ago. Was told they are working on it. The place is understaffed, so no one is in a rush to “figure out” my request. Well today, I just decided to log out halfway into my shift before lunch break.

Little do they know. If I get called into a meeting for a “talk” tomorrow I’m planning on quitting this week, I’m actually ready to quit THIS MOMENT.

I’m no longer waiting.

This is the WORST job I’ve ever had in my life.

I worked as a janitor for 3 years and thought that sucked. No, this sucks much worse than being a janitor.

I don’t know how people do this for so long.

I actually understand why metrics were so much higher than the department average. Is because everyone who remains there does the bare minimum. Which is actually why I end up with the shittiest calls. Always needing to cover up for others. Covering up for shitty field technicians who don’t actually give a fuck when they are installing systems, and then there I am, helping someone resolve their network signal issues. To a customer that can barely navigate their phone.

Fuck the alarm companies, fuck these entitled customers. I AM DONE.

I rather deliver pizzas, slowly rebuilt my personal training portfolio, and get back to what I’m doing best. Help people who want to help themselves and respect the ones who are there to help them.

What do you think?

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