Calls from (USA) Federal agents.

For context I do work for local county level government. Sometimes I will get a calls from high level government (USPS, FBI, etc) but it’s rare. More context is I have very close friends and family that either did time in a military branch or are career military. They list me as a reference for there security clearances. This means periodically I will have FBI agents either calling me or knocking on my door to interview me. This has been a thing in my life since I was 18 years old. These interviews are no different then if a friend lists you as a job referral. Only difference is the questions are more ‘personal’ and they have to flash a badge. On one occasion the fed bought me coffee (which I guess I bought myself?) My friends/family warn me so I at least know it’s coming. But it’s been a busy month with life and work so I have not returned there calls, it’s only the FBI right?….

Que today..
My supervisor: Uhhhh (safeforwork) I have (FBI agent) on the line…. They called me directly asking for you and are willing to hold for you??

Me: …..Oh yeah….. Transfer it to me…

(gets call): Guys…….

FBI Agent: yeah sorry.. When can we set up a good time to interview?

What do you think?

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