I cried during training….is this a sign that it’s not for me?

So I worked in a call centre once before. For a terrible, terrible company that expected their employees to shit unicorns. We did 4 weeks of crazy in depth training and on the 3rd day on the floor I just couldn’t effing do it anymore, I was so stressed out so I walked out (along with like 5-6 others).

That was 4 years ago and I’ve had a few jobs since then, and am currently doing a bachelors degree. I needed a summer job and had absolutely no luck with anything that I applied for.

This “company” had a work from home ad up and so I threw a resume at them. Seemed like a really cool company to work for. Got hired after multiple interviews and they had me fully believing this was office work with a few calls. Yeah no, it’s totally just a call centre job.

I knew it didn’t work out last time but I thought hey, this is work from home, i’ve grown up a lot since then, and the management seems pretty cool.

But today I took my first call and basically the policy is to attempt 5 times to get them on board.

I got to about the 3rd round of me trying to get her to sign up while she’s very obviously telling me she wants nothing to do with this thing and being very annoyed. At this time my voice begins to get shakey she starts yelling that I’m incompetent *yadda yadda yadda* at which point I end the conversation and hang up.

After I ended the call I was super shaky—especially my hands— and tears sprung to my eyes without me noticing until they were already out.

Nobody saw obviously because I work from home, and my supervisor said I did well, did what I was supposed to do.

Buuuuuut, it’s so freaking uncomfortable. I didn’t expect to get emotional but I just feel like what they’re asking you to do (badger people over and over while they’re saying no) is going to lead to a lot of annoyed/angry people.

Am I just too sensitive for this line of work? Did anyone else get worked up easily in their early days? Am I doomed? Or do I stick it out?

UPDATE: It did get worse. I did cry again; but not on a call. And I quit today lmao.

Thanks to everyone who had feedback to share. I am definitely, NEVER, doing that kind of job again. Y’all are fuckin warriors.

What do you think?

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