i am so tired of covering up the shady things my company does.

So i work for a wireless provider. Think three letters. Sales are so wildly important, reps will do anything to add a line of service. They will claim that they will get a free line or they HAVE to add a line to get a special discount or promotion. There is no such thing as a free line and all promotions are avalible through regular upgrades. It usually takes our customers a couple months to realize they were lied to and by then, the rep has already gotten their comission. Sometimes reps will just add a line and hope the customer wont find out for 60 days, which happens all the time. Paperless billing and autopay assures that.

Now since Terms and Conditions have to be signed when adding any new line, we have to deny that any wrong doing has happened. The TCs are signed electronically, so the reps just sign it for them but thats impossible to prove. Its so exhausting. We literally gas light our customers and tell them they knew about the line and the charges are valid. We are the worst.

PRO TIP: If youre unlucky enough to have to call us(three letters wireless), when you call and the automated system asks you what you want, say “cancel service” and nothing else. It will take you to the loyalty department where we dont run off commission. Its the only safe bet. Literally every other department AND STORES will add lines to your account. If you call any other department and ask to lower your bill, they 100% will lie and say we can add a line and lower your bill.

Be safe out there.

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Most ridiculous graded call I’ve ever had. Scored 75/100