Background: Am a phone interpreter.

Holy fuck. I don’t give a shit if you speak some English, or some Spanish — most of the time, your proficiency isn’t even good enough to get the full gist of the conversation (and in a medical setting, at that). Quit talking over me when you understand something, and then getting upset when I remain quiet because I’ve assumed that you got what was said, and that you’re just going to interrupt me again. Quit trying to correct me when you THINK you’ve understood some words. No, mañana doesn’t only mean “tomorrow”.

GET TO THE FUCKING POINT WHEN I ASK YOU A QUESTION. I don’t give a fuck if you had covid a few months ago, if you’ve worked in the US for 20 years, if you go the gymn for over two hours because of xyz reasons, if someone helped you fill out some paperwork, if you weren’t happy with your previous doctor, when ALL that we’re asking is whether you’ve been injecting the damn medication or not! Do you not realize that I have to write down every inane word of your pointless ramble, and then convey it all in a different language?


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My company has started grading the employees on how many surveys we receive in a month now along with the quality of the survey.

i am so tired of covering up the shady things my company does.