I’ll wait an hour…


So, I had this caller yesterday he locked himself out of a DocuSign (you need a PW). (Also I work for a brokerage firm) He states the last CSR he spoke with gave him the wrong information. I go ahead and tell him the right information and tell him I can walk him to the correct information and he says no. Here’s how the conversation went from there.

EC – entitled caller
Me – …well me

EC: I don’t want to see that I want to speak with a supervisor.

Me: Absolutely, I can try to get one on the line. I can’t guarantee that I can, but if not is it OK if they call you back?

EC: No, I’m not getting off this line until I speak with a supervisor. I’m willing to wait up to an hour.

Me: *Shocked Pikachu face* Sir, I can’t want an hour on hold for a supervisor.

EC: What do you get paid by call?

Me: No sir but if I’m not actively helping you I need to be in queue to take other calls from the 800- line.

EC: So, what you’re telling me you’ve never had an hour long call before?

Me: I absolutely have but I was actively helping to solve an issue, walking them to resources or researching for them. Not just waiting on hold for an hour.

*it pretty much goes back and fourth like that and I tell him I could get fired if QA if they listens to the call and I’m just on hold. It’s not true but I needed something extreme to get him off my line*

Me: *Tired of arguing* Sure let me get you a supervisor. *and I put him on hold.*

I reached out to our help line which we escalate to. I call 4 times and no answer. I reach out to my assistant manager as he’s the next in like to reach out to. I explain the whole thing and he tells me I can’t stay on hold an hour and he’s busy at the moment he will call them back.

Me: I explained that to him multiple times and he won’t take that for an answer.


I look at the previous CSRs notes and turns out she did tell him the right info. She even included the email with time stamp and everything on it with the document I was going to walk him to as well. So I go back to the caller.

Me: So, I did just want to let you know I checked the previous persons notes and it does seem she gave you the correct information and even emailed you the correct document at this specific time. Are you sure you still want a supervisor. *seeing as he wanted a supervisor since he says he was given the wrong info*

EC: Yes.

Me: Ok not a problem I’m going to place you back on hold if that’s ok.

So, I chill. I watch tiktok videos while I keep this man on hold for a good 30 minutes without checking in with him. *we normally have to check in every 5 minutes* I then try help line again and finally get someone. I’m able to explain the situation and get the man transferred.

HL reaches out to me half hour later and says the man just wanted to rant and when they offered to try and get the lock out fixed the caller said no they would just follow my instructions.

What the actual heck?! All that to not take the extra help when offered???


What do you think?

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