Don’t record this call

Interaction at the end of my shift that has crawled under my skin. M: me NC: non recorded caller

M: Hi, proceeds to get personal info. How can I help?

NC: i would like this call not recorded

M: we can do that, I just can’t talk anything specific to your account, is that okay?

NC: *blurts out scenario*

M: So you still want this call not recorded then?

NC: I thought you said you’d stop recording

M: stops recording, begins to get berated over the fact that I didn’t stop recording the second he mentioned it.

Am I in the wrong there? Should I have stopped recording as they started to speak or wait for an answer? The scenario given was a short one liner it’s not like I let it drag on before making a move. I’m first to own up my mistakes but I don’t think I’m wrong here especially when it’s the classic customer moment of not listening to the words leaving my mouth.

What do you think?

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