I want access to my Online Account!

I work for a utility company. This person has spent 4 minutes initial call stating he needs help logging into his online account, elaborating upon his issue, and elaboration on his elaboration which he elaborates on his prior elaboration. In the end, we find out he didn’t even have an online account and tried to debate that he did.


It started off 10 seconds in with me asking: “Hi, thank you for calling ABC Company! How can I assist you today?”

The customer responds: “Hi, I have an issue with my online account! I have my personal and my business account online that I have registered I’m trying to log in to both of them! Anytime I try to log in the website tells me that both the username and password are incorrect and I’ve written both of login information! So me logging in should work! I need to log in because I need to pay my bill and I don’t want to be late on my bill! However, I cannot because your website will not allow me to log in! These payments have to go in otherwise you guys might shut my services off, and I don’t want that! Because I \[…\]”


This went on for about four minutes until I had to interrupt him as close as possible when he was taking a breath:

Me: “Okay, sir, so if I’m understanding from everything you have stated; you want to log into your Online Account, is that correct?”

Customer: “Yes, that’s correct, because my Online Account I need to pay \[…\]”

That was my folly because he starts to elaborate again and I had to interrupt him, “Sir, so I can definitely be more than happy to help you log into your Online Account, what is your \[verification questions\]?”

Customer: “\[Verified\] and I need to log in to my Online Account because…” He continued explaining and elaborating.


At this point, it’s already 10 minutes in the call and I had myself on mute. I was wishful asking the customer without him hearing me, “Dude, please just tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do it at the best of my abilities. You don’t need to explain why.”


Back unmute, I had to interrupt him again:

Me: “Yes, so I looked over your account, and you’ve never registered online on your business account. So, I can definitely be more than happy to help you–”

Customer: “But I did register otherwise how did I pay the bill and the security deposit! I have my login information here, and…” Again, continues to explain what he had already explained


I didn’t want to debate with him about him not having an Online Account registered. So, best way to do it is to prove him wrong instead of wasting energy arguing:


Me Interrupting: “Sir, you never registered an online account, but I’ll be more than happy to help you register. If the website says your account is already registered, I will be more than happy to help you resolve that issue as well. Please go to”


Fun fact: It wasn’t registered and he was able to register online.

From there on, I helped him reset his password to his personal account and unlocked it. His business account I had to tell him he didn’t have an online account and I had to walk him through to show him; he had to register to get an account.


Point is; please, whenever you call customer service, you do not need to go to lengths of explaining why you need your issue resolved. If you have an issue, tell me what it is, and we can see what we can do and fix it.

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