As I mentioned before, I work at a call center in the medical/dental field. In order to better serve our patients, we do ask for a 48 hour notice to cancel/reschedule appointments without a fee.

This cancellation fee goes directly to charity, and typically, we waive the fee based on circumstance.

My coworker and I had been in touch with a patient several times within the past 48 hours. He called many times to cancel his visit for a variety of reasons, but kept deciding against it because of the cancellation fee.

Today I took another one of his calls, and he stated he needed to cancel his appointment scheduled for today because he was running a fever of 99%. I explained, once again, the cancellation policy, but after to make his day, I let him know that I would waive the fee for him as a one-time courtesy.

He then started listing every single scenario you could possibly imagine, and asked if he would be charged a fee for cancelling last minute… Including being TOMAHAWKED 😳

The call last an eternity and gave us all a great laugh! Some people just make you wonder lol

What do you think?

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Don’t record this call

Had to share this one.