A list of annoying customers

Seems like for most call centers out here there are quite a lot of callers that are irritating. Whether it’s their attitude, the way they talk, the fact they don’t listen, or what have you. They just seem to add stress to our day regardless of their intentions. I have thought of a few types that seem to be the most common. One person can even fit into multiple categories depending on the situation.

1. The person who calls in to rant/complain about how he/she is wronged in some way.

Whether they’re calling about some high bill, been disconnected, didn’t get the service they want at the time they wanted it done, they were charged something they didn’t want to pay for or thought was free due to negligence of details, etc.

These buffoons tend to want to give you an ear full of something that most likely was their fault and wants you to fix it for them. Typically this is the one that people dread the most. They’re loud, obnoxious, don’t listen when you try to explain things, and overall argumentative. When they hear something they don’t like they’ll yell more because they can’t shift the blame onto the company they’re calling, causing you to have to take pills to lower your blood pressure.

2. The people who reconfirm everything with you multiple times on the call.

These creatures are anxious by default. While that trait isn’t overall annoying however it can cause annoying things to occur. The typical skills include them booking/paying something online, then they could call to confirm that we received what they did. They’ll tell you something and then ask if you heard correctly or vice versa. Then they confirm again, and again the entire call. They can turn a simple 3 minute call into a 10 minute one because they have to verify everything so many times it causes you to yank your hair out.

3. The people who just don’t comprehend what you’re telling them.

It doesn’t matter how clear you talk or even if you speak the same language as these customers as they’ll hear what you say as gibberish. Whether what you’re telling them is simple such as if they’re behind on a bill, they aren’t paying for a certain package of service and they think they are or what have you. You try and try to explain what’s going on or you trying to inquire more information to solve the problem they just get themselves stuck in a loop because they just keep asking the same questions and bringing up the same points, not being able to move on because they’re just stuck in their own thoughts, not listening to you trying to help them.

4. The people who think they’re entitled to better service

While this is similar to the first one it can be different in what they complain about. They must have been a customer for years or they think what they paid was a lot of money or they think they know someone important in your company and therefore they need the platinum card level service. They’ll often call and ask for things that’s wildly outside your skill set or your job’s range or even illegal and act shocked when you don’t do it.

There should need to be made special lined shoes out of the red carpet material because everywhere they walk should be considered almost holy ground.

5. The people who call you while they’re going through a fast food drive through

People will call you while doing something completely different and act like it’s nonchalant and they can talk to you between the other thing they’re doing like as if we won’t notice them pausing to do the other thing they’re doing. They may not act like it but their actions tell you that they’re only calling because it’s an absolute necessity and then expect you to just be along for the ride of what their normal schedule is.

I mean If you’re gonna order yourself a Big Mac with extra cheese will you order me some chicken nuggets while you’re at it?

6. The questioner

Now this one isn’t initially annoying, and is thus a main reason why customer service is around. People are confused about something and needs an answer. I’m all for welcoming explaining something.

However there are those who come in and have like 3 questions and each answer given causes more questions until later 20 questions in people end up confusing themselves with how they’re processing the information that they’re given. They need everything defined with a reasonable answer that makes sense to them. If they even get an answer they don’t like that causes them to become angry even or not wanting to accept the answer. Which will then almost tie in with the number 3 next month causing more questions to be asked.

7. The interrupter

These people will call in and they can fit into any of the categories above. However when you help them with whatever they call in to ask for they seem to think it’s ok to talk over you. It’s as if people just don’t know how to be quiet for more than 3 seconds. It doesn’t matter what they’re calling in for it just seems like their mouth is more important than their ears and has to tell you just one more thing and can’t seem to stop talking and interrupting you you almost have to interrupt them just to get them to shut up.

8. The people who forgot they signed up for something or changed something on their account and call in to complain about it

People tend to forget things, that’s one thing that make us humans. However what’s annoying about it is when people want to blame you for it. Like we didn’t brainwash you into doing what you did. We may have suggested that as a solution however most companies can’t do things on your account without your permission. It’ll get us into a lot of trouble. Here’s an idea, make some notes to remind yourself what you did after a call. We do. So that when you inevitably call to complain we cover our butts and the next representative knows what’s going on.

There’s a few more I’m sure that are annoying types, so If you think of one I missed then add along

What do you think?

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