“I want to speak to your supervisor!!”

I feel like I’m not doing my job properly when callers ring up, and during the middle of the conversation, they got fed up with me and want to speak to the supervisor. Why does this always happen to me?

A week ago, I had a caller who want to find out the next departure time for a bus that leaves point A going to point B. He wouldn’t tell me the exact location nor the bus route number. He only gave me a vague street location and asked me to look it up. So when I input the information onto the system, it shows up a bus route (X) and it will leave at 6:45pm. When I told this to the caller, he questioned my accuracy because he believes there should be an earlier service than what I told him. So I checked the bus timetable for the route (X) bus and later found out that he was right and that there’s one that depart at 6pm. The caller later got rude, and asked me why I told him the 6:45pm instead of the 6pm service? I explained to him, that usually our system will generate reliable results, but because he didn’t give me of the exact location, it failed to bring up the accurate result. He then yelled at me and asked me to put him through a supervisor.

Without further question, I placed the caller on hold while I try to connect to my team leader. The line was busy and I had to explain to the caller who still insist he wanted to speak to my supervisor. I messaged my team leader to let him know about the situation, but he didn’t respond. After 25 mins had past, I finally got connected to my team leader and when I explained the situation, he let out a heavy sigh as if I was a nuisance to him.

It was strange why the caller would prefer to wait for the supervisor instead of waiting for their next bus that was scheduled to leave at 6pm (in 5 mins). Obviously, he was a troll or a “secret shopper” or someone who wants to make other people’s lives difficult.

I’m very disappointed and sadden about this whole situation. (And this is not the only situation I faced with, there are many, but I had to solder on.) I feel like a poor slave working for those rich, if not, spoiled, entitled, toxic people and have to put up with their meanness but cannot say a bad word.

There are many times I wanted to quit. If it wasn’t because of my health problems I would have looked for something better, unfortunately, this is the only work I can do. I lack soft skills (communication, and writing) , and with credit cards debt and student loan that need to be paid off.

What do you think?

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