It’s all so clear now

*Before I get to my story, please know that I’m not making fun of this lady. There are many people, especially elderly folk out there suffering from mental illness alone. I try to pray for each person I speak to that’s like this, and ask that they’re able to find peace and help. If you’re in a position where you can help, please consider helping those who are suffering from mental illness. Now on with my story.*

I work for a security company, and I’ve worked in customer service for over ten years. It always astounds me how people assume that call center reps are psychic. I mean I’m good, but not that good. My last call today was an elderly woman transferred to me. No work order had been made for her, and I would quickly find out why. She claimed that the Department of Homeland Security, the NSA, and other government agencies had her phonelines and other electronics tapped and knew everything about her. She claimed that they stole her yardsign and even broke into her home in the middle of the night, drugged her, and took all of her keys. She went on to say that they have one agent for every seven people.

She claimed that she had an appointment scheduled for today, but I couldn’t find one. So I checked to see if she had one with a sales representative. Turning up no results, I create a work order for her. I quote her the assessment fee that is a part of our service plans. She immediately turned and said that she suspected ME of being a part of DHS, and questioned why I never confirmed her password. I apologized and explained that for what she needed, I didn’t have to verify her password, but offered to do so anyways. She said that “Well the Department of Homeland Security knows my passwords”. It was then that I realized that I must’ve been a sleeper agent of the government, and that’s why everyone assumes that I’m psychic.

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