TIFU by telling a lady that her partner was probably cheating on her


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I work for a mobile phone company in the UK. Had a customer call me querying his bill but he gave permission for me to talk to his girlfriend, since he wasn’t “good with financial stuff” she wants to know why we took £75 out of his bank account this month. So I pull up the bill and I tell her there’s no extra charges. Phone line A costs x amount and phone line B costs x amount and the two together total £75. So she asks me what I’m talking about: he only has one phone number with us. So I say no, there are 2 numbers, he’s had them both for about 18 months & his bill has always been around this amount so am unsure why he’d only be querying this now. She asks me to confirm what the other number is, so I tell her the last 3 digits. I hear rummaging on her side and then she starts going off at the boyfriend. Turns out that number belongs to the “girl he told her she didn’t need to worry about” So the girlfriend wants me to email her the last couple of bills so she can check them. I know they will go to his email address, but it doesn’t seem to matter as the gf seems to have access to his emails, and it doesn’t matter anyway since he authorized her to act on his behalf. I know shit is really gonna hit the fan when she sees the bill, since the itemized usage shows literally hundreds of texts and dozens of hours of phone calls between the boyfriend’s number and the number of “the other woman”. He jumps on the line and tries to claim this woman is committing fraud by stealing his bank account details and taking out a second phone line on his account, but I patiently explain to him that would be impossible. We have very strict security measures and there’s no way we’d let someone take out a second line on a persons account without going through a LOT of verification first. Also all of the messages confirming the order for the second phone line would have gone to HIS phone number, as well as notification that we’d set up a direct debit on his bank account for the payments. I told him “sorry, but there’s no way you did not know about this for a year and a half” while his girlfriend screamed at him in the background. Moral of the story: if you’re cheating on your girlfriend, don’t give her permission to go poking around in your phone records lol.


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