Client almost understood what it’s like to work in a call center

So here’s the back story this called in and cussed out one of our representatives and apparently it’s a trend so we decided we’ll close the account.

Guy calls in and starts asking for a manager and I let him know we are not allowing that. Our decision to close his account is final. The guy already knew why we were closing it and he starts going on about how the lady who helped him last time was a “bitch” and a “whore”. So I’m kind of annoyed at this point I let him rant for 5 mins while I watched TikTok’s on mute. He then asks me a question

“How would you guys like it if people treated you like shit and walked all over you”

To where I promptly answered

“Sir I work in a call center doing customer service”

He then told me my mother was a whore and cussed me out for 2-3 mins while I again watched TikTok’s on mute. He was screaming so loudly that he’s out of breathe.

I start explaining what closing his account means what he can do to withdraw his funds etc.

He hits with one final “fuck you”

He was so close to understanding how we feel getting yelled at over the phone. So close.

What do you think?

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That is not really much of a threat.

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