professional ethics

This is more of a general story, as I have had dozens of calls along these same lines in the past week. Customer calls in, upset about their bill being $X over what the sales team told them and want to know why. A valid concern. Someone added an additional line of business. “I didn’t agree to that”. Now we do have people do this to try to get a month of service for free. However I recently spoke with someone a tier up from me and apparently it’s a known thing that our sales team does – not simply completing a quote in error, but actually going into random accounts without receiving an inquiry and adding a service. It’s sickening. I apologize and get them to the people who can remove it (also getting micromanaged over transfer rates despite 2/3 of them being forced by unethical or dishonest business practices such as this). I’ll probably get 10 more calls today just like this.

What do you think?

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