He turned it around on me!

First off, I do not work at a call center. I am the recipient of the call. I have never posted in this thread before, but I read a lot of the posts and try to NOT be the person that gets written about here.


I am a Sr. Accountant currently WFH. My office phone forwards to my cell phone. If I get a call and the number is not in my contacts, I answer by saying “Thank you for calling “Company”, this is “Me”. How can I help you?”


After a second or two, a man with a heavy Hindi /Urdu accent asks for me by my first name. I say “Yes, this is “Me” at “Company”. You’ve reached Accounting. How can I help you?


Another second or two of silence. Then he goes off! He’s yelling at me “Why did you call me? What do you want? Where did you get this number?” And the last thing he said was “Don’t F\*\*king call me again!” before he hung up.


I took a second or two to process, then I cracked up!! Just WOW!!!

What do you think?

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