Why are people so allergic to the “Password reset” button?


I’m sure over half of our daily calls are people who felt the need to pick up the phone in order to get their password changed. Specifically referring to those who ran into problems logging in, but didn’t even *try* to reset their password before diving for the phone to make us basically do the exact same thing.

For these types of people, I’ll direct them to the login page and make them click the Forgot Password button themselves to get their temp password instead of resetting it myself internally. Gets them used to following the right process so they’re not blowing us up on Monday because they were locked out all weekend.

We have even had people calling in a lot lately to ask if we can retrieve their passwords from other services or websites that we’re not even directly associated with. Just because we have a system feature that links to Facebook doesn’t mean we have access to your Facebook password or account.

A coworker even commented today that people are so resistant to using the Password Reset option on *any* site or service that they’ll reach out to us on the slim chance we somehow have access to their data.

Please, people. Just a little common sense would be nice.


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