I need service now! I can’t call without service!


I work for a mobile (cell) service provider in the UK and had this joy of an idiot earlier today.

Me: obvious
G: genius caller.
Sorry for formatting. I’m on mobile.

There is a large issue with mobile signal in his particular smallish town. There had been a spate of vandalism targeted at any mobile mast in the area, (found out the other 3 major suppliers are similarly affected for same reason) as a result an area that is normally covered by 5 masts for our network is now covered by 1 temporary, vehicle mounted mast with limited capacity.

Me: Hi thanks for calling <network>, my names <insert name here>, how can I help?

G: my phone isn’t working. I need my phone, its the only way I can speak to people.

Me: (security done) I’m sorry to hear that, let me check your postcode and see what’s happening.

I can see that the masts in your area have been subject to vandalism and are currently out of service. 1 mast is being repaired and will be restored within 48 hours, 2 more will restored within 5 days. 2 unfortunately were destroyed entirely by fire and has resulted in damage to the buildings they are placed on but they are redundant masts so full service will restore with the 3 main masts. (Turns out the buildings are riddled with asbestos so will never be restored. Alternate sites will be located but that’ll take years)

G: Not good enough, I have no way to make any calls. I can’t be cut off from the world like this.

Me: I appreciate its inconvenient but it is temporary and we have restored a limited service enabling call and text, data will take time, by using a vehicle mounted mast system, it had lited capacity but can provide basic service. If I may ask how are you making this call?

G: on my landline but what if I need to call a mobile?

Me: your landline package covers all calls to landline and mobile ( his landline is with us too so I checked).

G: But why can you give me full service and limit everyone else?? Surely I’m a priority!!!

Me: the overall service is a priority. We have the same commitment to all our customers. The service has been damaged beyond use by people in the area, not by our choice to limit you deliberately.

G: but if you stop someone else surely I can have my service.

Me: and how would you feel if we did that for someone else and removed your capacity in favour of them.

G: but you wouldn’t do that, it would be fair!!!

(Approx 10 seconds silence)

G: oh, I see. Well I still think it’s unfair I am treated the same as everyone else.

He hangs up.

I have no words…

(Sorry for the verbal diarrhoea, story telling isn’t my strength but among all the calls I’ve ever taken this is the most weirdly oblivious exchange I’ve had)


What do you think?

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