The Anti-Internet Folks


So I work for a bank in the USA. It’s not a small credit union or anything. I work for their merchant payment processing department and help with troubleshooting the software and things like that.

Today I had a caller that was upset that they couldn’t view their statements through the software they process through. I let them know that we have a separate website for their statements and for other reporting purposes.

The caller responds to me, saying “I don’t do anything online unless I have to.”

I was dumbfounded.

Me: “So you’re saying you don’t go online unless you have to?

Them: “Yes”

Me: “Well we do have an online portal where you can look at your statements if you ever need to. We don’t require it, but it is a very good tool if you ever need a breakdown of what you were charged for the month.”

Them: “I don’t understand why you all have a different site. I’m not going to set that up, y’all are probably owned by China and sell our information.”

It’s seriously crazy to me how people are so defensive about the internet. Like I understand that it’s the wild west sometimes, but it’s 2021 for pete’s sake!

I had a good chuckle on mute after the China comment.


What do you think?

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But why?

I’m not the one being difficult here…