But why?


So I’m working right now. Chat associate for an online retailer. I just got my monthly PTO allotment at midnight and I am trying extremely hard not to use it on this shift. However, someone somewhere is fucking testing me I swear. This is legit a conversation I just had:

Customer: does this appliance work with a downdraft?

Me: I can check! *grabs all of the information* Would you mind waiting for a bit while I look?

Them: No

Me: *checks, sees that, per the manufacturer, it does not allow for that specific type of ventilation and then takes an extra minute to find this person something that does*

Me: hey so looks like it doesn’t but here’s the version that does.

Them: Why? Why doesn’t it work?

Me, who has literally never in my life been asked to explain why an appliance is manufactured a certain way or what prevents something or why they choose to do anything and is now very fucking blown away: Uh… I’m not sure why. I’m going by what the information the manufacturer has provided and they haven’t stated why, just that it does not.

Them: But why? We’ve already bought this and installed this and then found out it doesn’t work with this thing and so we want to know the reason why and what will happen if we do it anyway?

Me: *takes deep breath* So, I definitely understand wanting to know specific reasons like this. I’m not aware of the innerworkings of appliances or what makes them work or not work with certain features. That’s information that the manufacturer would have. They are closed as it’s about 1am. But lemme give you their contact info.

*gives them the link to their contact us page and then contemplates whether or not I really want to not use that PTO right now*

Like… What?

Not why won’t this fit. Why will it take this long to get it. Why any of the million things that I, a csr for a retailer, may be able to answer. No… Why doesn’t this item work with this obscure feature and what will happen if we do it anyway.

Do I…. Do they think we get paid to know that shit? Like… Do they think that call center employees get paid enough to know how a product is put together, why they were designed a certain way, what bolt or wire is preventing them from getting what they want? 🤔

This isn’t the only chat I’ve had that’s annoying af tonight mind you and that’s the problem. It’s pretty constant tonight.


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