I’m not the one being difficult here…

Just got a call about online access and immediately knew it was going to be a pain. Call starts with the normal BS of I tried to log in and the website asked me a security question and I NEVER set up that question. Ok sir whatever you say…. Cue security check on my side and the never funny quip about asking too many questions and wanting their first born or what they are for breakfast. I ignored it and tried to continue with security.

Finally past that nonsense I bring up the relevant systems to assist and confirm his issue as being a security question problem as many, many people flip flop on what they say. He gets snarky and sarcastic when he confirms it’s a security question problem. Great. Now this system has a lock. I inform him he will not be able to attempt logging in again for the next X amount of time and that we can either leave the account as is and he can attempt again after the lock lifts -or- if he is relatively sure he knows his pw I can clear the security question so they are not asked after the lock lifts.

“What do you think?”
Sir, it’s entirely up to you. If you think you just need further attempts you can make them after the lock lifts or we can clear the questions.
*more sarcasm from him, a false claim that I said the online system messed up the question (asked him to repeat something small because the phone cut out briefly), and an accusations that I was arguing*
Sir, I am not trying to argue with you. I simply need to know if you’d like me to clear the security questions, yes or no.
“What do you think?”
As I’ve said I cant make that decision. I need a clear answer before I can do anything.
“Oh, you’re something. You’re just tying to be difficult” *more comments about me arguing are mixed in*

Finally got a clear confirmation to clear the security questions and had to inform him of a possible survey being mailed, so that will interesting if he returns it.

What do you think?

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