Muffled under my breathe and thought the customer was on mute.


Hi everyone

I am new here and been working in a call center for over a year now. I just had a call where a customer heard me muffle “he’s just going to fix it anyway” and I also said “im done”.

Customer responds and says “hello” and I hung up. Lol should I be worried? I was upset with the customer because he requested a refund for a very expensive item with minor damage and I’m sure he’s not going to dispose of it. So essentially a free item.

***breath not breathe***


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  1. Nah- since he’s bull smacking anyway , he’ll just call back and start the “refund”process again.More than likely. Now, there is a 30%chance he feels so much like a arse for trying to “deceive “your company,he may mention it.Unlikely he’ll put up a stink.

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