Well it is official, I am getting out

So I put in my notice today for my call center job, taking escalation for a large American cell phone company for over 5 years. When COVID started they shipped us all home permanently, and since then I have been working my butt off for them.

Part of being in escalations, I also handle consults for frontline reps, when they do not have a supervisor to answer their questions. The biggest note here is if they call the escalation queue, I am required to take over the call as my numbers are now attached. There is a second queue called “general help” for the consults which do not affect my numbers when they call in. If someone uses the escalation queue for a consult, regardless of the call, I am required to take over.

This brings us to this story.

M (Me)
R (Rep)
S (my Supervisor)
SM (My Senior Manager)

*Call comes in via the escalation queue*

M: Thank you for calling, this is SuperReekon with the escalation team, can I have your name please

R: Hi, my supervisor is out and I need an approval for this customer. Her services were turned off even when she had a promise to pay on her account.

M: You have called escalations, not general help. I can assist the customer but because my numbers are now attached, I need to take over the call.

R: No, I am not doing that, I just need her services turned back on.

M: Which I can do, but once again, per policy I am required to take over because you called the wrong queue.

R: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! I can’t believe they have such dumb people working in your position. I will be emailing your sup about you refusing to help me.

M: What the hell, man? I am just doing my job.




After this call I get pulled into a meeting with my supervisor and senior manager saying that an HR complaint was filed against me for swearing at a fellow employee. The call was pulled and my senior manager said that using the word “hell” is against code of conduct and HR is gonna have to do a full investigation about this. That being said, I have never in the 5 years I have worked for this company ever had any HR actions against me, I am always meeting or exceeding targets in both Customer Service and Sales, and have even held actual supervisor positions with glowing reviews from Senior Management.

About a month after this call I am told that I am being put on a written warning, which puts developing year end, meaning I don’t get a yearly raise, or bonus, and I am unable to apply for new positions (like full time leadership) until 2023.

After that I had a mental breakdown and took 2 months off with doctor’s orders. The two months I was off were beneficial and I was looking forward to coming back and talking with people again. My first day back I get a private message from my supervisor.


S: Hey, Senior Manager wants to meet with us.

M: Why? I just got back, and haven’t started taking calls yet. Why would she need to talk to me.

S: Not sure.


I go to the meeting with the Senior manager and here is how it went.


SM: Hi SuperReekon, thanks for coming.

M: Sure

SM: So, I am just going to jump right to the chase. And I hate to bring bad news right after you getting back from leave.

M: What do you mean bad news?

SM: When you are on corrective action, you are not allowed to be in escalations. Because of which we are going to have to transition you back to frontline.

M: Why?

SM: Because it is company policy.

M: It was company policy for me to take over the call that got me into this mess, but you all didn’t seem to care about that.

SM: I am sorry it came to this.

*I get somewhat emotional and get really quiet.*

SM: You look like you want to say something.

M: I do, but I am already on one corrective action, and if I say what I want to, I am gonna get another one.


After that I hung up the call and spent the rest of my offline time that I was supposed to be using to get caught up on internal trainings applying to jobs. I put 5 years of service into this company and I personally know multiple people who have said ruder things TO CUSTOMERS get less of a punishment. As of today I was given an offer and start with a new, non-call center job on Monday that pays more and gives better benefits.

What do you think?

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Muffled under my breathe and thought the customer was on mute.

“I need help so Im just gonna refuse to do anything you say! Hows that?!”