“I get the nicest calls from New Jersey…”

I am well known among my friends from my last job for not getting upset atany customer no matter how obnoxious.

25k calls, 17 rude ones (I counted), and the shooter threat resolution call was not one of them.

Total social butterfly and positive positioning guru. I sold family movies in the mall for $40 a pop and a minimum of $500+ at a time. A guy yelled at me abrasively because he didn’t like the content of the films. His name was Jared. I said hi to Jared by name every time he came by after that. Smart guy.

So the very first call I got from NJ went swimmingly. Super sweet lady. But I knew that unless I acted, not every call from NJ would go as well.

I started a running joke where whenever I learned a call was from that state I said, genuinely, “I get the nicest calls from NJ! Y’all geta bad rap, but really you don’t earn it.”

That got belly laughs *daily*.

One lady told me, 30 seconds into the conversation, that she had called specifically to “yell and cuss [us] out at the top of [her] lungs” but that “[I was] making it difficult for her to be angry.”

I was instructed to call a customer back who was livid, but not informed they threatened to shoot our warehouse.

Cross department stuff. Managers didn’t want it.

This customer and I remembered each other from 2 years previous and they said they kept a written list of competent employees from our company.

We laughed for 45 minutes while resolving the issue the best we could before I told management when it was over about how they told me about saying “doesn’t it just make you want to gun down the packaging plant?” to the prior agent.

The manager giggled and revealed that they didn’t feel like mentioning that so I wouldn’t freak out.

It was a funtastic chat with that customer from the Garden State.

“I haven’t gotten a single bad call from New Jersey.”

The moral?

Change your approach if you don’t want to get yelled at in your headset. If your calls suck, you can learn better people skills.

But again, I’m just a dick with a high IQ and nothing I just said makes me a good person because mentioning intelligence is the sole factor in what makes you a narcissist 🤷‍♂️.


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