If i needed a PIN for this transaction i would’ve asked, are you dumb?

short story but lady calls in after just recently being transferred from another agent (i guess idk) and you know the drill. they have to have some explanation or huff and puff that they have to repeat everything to me. once we move past that she basically just wants to know if her balance has been paid off bc apparently the last agent took her debit info and paid for it but i saw no record on the account. so i kindly inform her nothing was done as we have no card on file and no charge has been made for like two month. i ask her if she could pls type her card number into the phone and just provide me with the name on the card and the expiration date. she begins to lose her shit over the fact she has to enter her number again and that the last agent already made her pay yet nothing was done. she then keeps asking me why i’m not asking for her PIN 😐 and that every time she has used her debit card they have required a PIN. first of all your PIN is suppose to be private info to you and you only so you are basically setting yourself up for fraud and also i don’t fucking need your PIN. she goes on and on and eventually hangs up after telling me i don’t know what i’m doing. she also called me “sweetheart” while insulting me and i told her do not call me that and that beyond pissed me off. call centers suck, it’s the 6th circle of hell.

What do you think?

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a nice one: what a difference a nice greeting from a customer can make!

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