Do your job, Brian.


To preface, I work in health care on a national level. I am a lead so I assist reps and take sup calls.

Local hospitals create nonemergent authorizations for our patients. We only give auth and claim information. We have had a huge issue with local hospitals referring them us for auths (to the point we are now tracking it.)

Anyway ….

Rep calls lead line: this provider said the local hospital told him we should send the claim back for reprocessing and getting a new auth generated. He said if we Don’t BRIAN at the LOCAL HOSPITAL is going to step in and take care of it.

Me, without hesitation: good because thats literally BRIAN’S job.

Rep: -bursts out laughing-

Me: sorry, shouldn’t have said that.

Rep: I’m so glad someone did.

*Do your fucking job Brian.*


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