Annoyingly Rude


Had a super Karen today. She calls to make a payment, I try to be kind. She failed making payment through automated system, it was clear she had awful cell service, her phone was static for about 15 seconds so I attempt to read her payment information, then she finally comes back clear asking if I can hear her. I said yes I can now, and she yelled how I was talking over her while she was asking a question. Her very important question is if I work from home. I let her know I currently am yes, she states SHE CAN TELL and hopes this is recorded. I continue to be nice and take her payment tell her to have a nice day. She hangs up on me before I finish. I dont understand why people have to be so rude? I’m just tryin to take your damn payment and keep a good attitude, I apologize if your life sucks as much as your cell service.


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