Just answer the question!


The response to, “How can I help you?” is almost always not the actual answer. “I’ve been on hold for DAYS and you’re the 74th person I’ve spoken to…” (hold time: 12 minutes. First time calling since 2019, I’m likely maybe the second person to whom they’ve spoken).

“How many phones do you have for your landline?” gets me “One. Well, we had two but one was upstairs and we never used it so it’s not plugged in and we have just the one in the kitchen…” The answer is one. I get small talk, it breaks up dead air. It’d be better to get my questions answered so we can move the call along, then talk about the weather or sports while I work on it. It’s not a social call but we can be sociable.

People who spend 5 minutes complaining about hold times or answering questions not asked make the hold times so much longer.


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Annoyingly Rude

And those extra 7 minutes are worth less than R$1…