This just in, I’m omniscient.


I am an emergency answering service for doctors after hours. When a call is placed I set a timer on it and call my caller back to ensure that they’ve heard from a doctor. Here is an exchange with a nurse.

Me: Hello, I’m checking to see if you’ve spoken with the on call physician yet.

Nurse: How did you get my cell phone number? I didn’t give you my cell.

Me: Well. You gave me a number and I confirmed it with you on the previous call.

Nurse: Yes but this is my cell phone number. Not my work phone number!

Me: The caller ID is the office number so you had to have given it to me.

Nurse: I did not give you my cell!

Me: Okay, but what are the chances that I just guessed your cellphone number including the correct out of state area code?

Nurse: Yeah okay, I guess I gave you my cell.



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