Working for an unemployment call center is nothing short of a nightmare.


Ok, so there are many types of call centers that people work for (credit cards, utility, billing, etc) but has anyone here worked for a call center where you had to help people with unemployment?

If so, what was your experience like? I recently left my work-at-home call center position, since it was stressing me out way too much. I was there for 8 months until I got completely burned out from dealing with the same garbage over and over again. I swear, helping people with unemployment is nothing short of an absolute nightmare. I was making outbound calls, by the way.

Getting yelled at by people who blame you for leaving them homeless, karens who demand their money *RIGHT NOW* even when you say it’ll be received in a few days, and most people being either angry or sad when you speak to them. It really wears on you after a while.

The worst part however, is that I felt like an angel of death when I spoke to people on the phone. When people are trying to pay their rent and struggling with their bills, and I pull up their unemployment profile and see their benefits have completely run out. I had to deliver the bad news that their benefits were exhausted. Then I’d get yelled at and blamed for “cutting them off”. I understand their frustration, but it was just a terrible, stressful job that wasn’t even close to being worth the pay I received. Not even a little.

Working for unemployment has to be one of the most stressful call center positions out there.


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