No sir, we DONT have another product


Hello my traumatised fellow call jockeys

Ive got yet another story for you from my time in call centre selling construction materials

This one isnt as long as my previous stories

Context: customer calls up wanting cabinetry materials to build cabinets that are going to be OUTSIDE in AUSTRALIA, keep in mind almost EVERY product in my industry is only rated for indoor use and its almost impossible to find a product that is rated for outdoor use AND has a warranty, hell, most warranties in Australia won’t even cover sun damage because of the conditions here. My company had basically the ONLY product suited to outdoor use and with a valid warranty, as expected this stuff is expensive.

Customer calls up wanting 4 sheets of 24×12, I quote him the price (around 3000 AUD), customer recoils on the phone as I say it.


Me: “yes it is much more pricey than our usual products but it is the only thing we have rated for outdoor use”

Him: “mate this is ridiculous, cant you give me a better price”

Me: “unfortunately I can not”

Him: “….is there another product”

Me: “unfortunately its the only thing we have rated for outdoor use”

Him: “what about the (insert another product we sold)”

Me: “sir, that is shower paneling and entirely unsuited for your purpose”

Him: “well what are my other options?!?!”

Me: “……unfortunately…this is the only product we sell that’s rated for outdoor use”

Him: “this is fucking bullshit, I want outdoor cabinets, cant you just give me a better price?”

Me: “im sorry but I can’t”

Him: “what about the (insert ANOTHER product we sold) ”

Me: “sir….thats a structural product for interior walling and is unsuited to your purpose”

Him: “for fucks sake I just want cabinets made, mate what if I change the colour, will it be cheaper?”

Me: “unfortunately no its all the same price regardless of colour”

Him: “shit is there really nothing else?!?”

Me: *dying internally* “unfortunately this product is the only thing we sell rated for outdoor use”

Him: “this is fucked” *hangs up*

TLDR; unfortunately this product is the only thing we sell rated for outdoor use


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