The Misguided Mystery Calls

I do not remember ever posting this little tidbit before. If I have, please forgive.

Way back in the days when the moon was young and the sun was a cheery ball of fire, I worked third party customer service for a major cruise line. Our agents were generally loved by both customers and internal staff, but someone got the bright idea to institute mystery calls with the callers being internal to the cruise line.

After the first few surprises, it did not take long for our sage agents to determine that the mystery callers always seemed to trace back to the same phone number. A few seconds worth of investigation resulted in us mere mortals discovering that the number traced back to the main switchboard for the corporate headquarters of the company. Let’s just say at this point it was “Game On” since even us lowly call takers had access to a new fangled invention that later became known as “Caller ID.”

One day little old me gets a call from the super secret number that none of us were supposed to know. Okay let’s play. Unbeknownst to us employees they had changed the people that actually made the calls, but for some reason this nice lady’s sounded familiar. After a few seconds of “You have got to be kidding me,” I recognized the voice as a person that I talked to daily. Often 6-7 times a day. Bad move corporate, now we get to have some fun.

I casually commented that the caller sounded an awful lot like one of my coworkers. The lady is “Yeah, I get that often in my job.” At this point, a comment was made about how I hadn’t spoken with her all week (call was on a Friday). Wouldn’t you know it, 15 seconds later I receive an email from my friendly coworker that she had been off on vacation for a few days.

Sad thing was that after it got around we had figured out their little trap, the callers seemed to stop, and the short term contract was not renewed.

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