Today I assisted the Zoomer Vaccine Resistance!


Call comes in. Caller wants to be anonymous. Cool bananas, how may I help you?
(Audio: the young lady is on a Tram)
-Can I get a vaccine without my parents knowing?
How old are you?
Ok give me a minute to look that up. Can I put you on hold?
(I call Floor Support)
-Floor Support, this is D*n.
Hey D*n, it’s D*vid again. When can a teenager get a vaccine without their parent’s consent?
-Um, great question, let me see what I can find…
(Line goes silent. I do my google fu)
I’ve got it! It’s 14.
-Oh yeah?
After 14, your medical records become private. Your parents can’t get access to them without your consent.
– Where did you find that?
Googled it. We should add it to the knowledge base.
-Agreed. Good work.
(End call with floor support, go back to caller)
Thanks for holding. Sorry it took a while.
– That’s okay.
If you’re over 14, then you can consent to any medical procedure. Your parents cannot view your medical records, for privacy reasons.
-Does that mean I can get a vaccine shot without telling my parents?
-Oh my god. Thank you.
It’s no trouble. Thank YOU. Can I do anything else for you?
-No, You’ve helped a lot.
Happy to hear it. Bye bye.


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