The most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt.


Obligatory I’m a dude. So I cannot relate to what women go through on the daily with situations like this. But it’s the only time anything like this has happened to me. It’s been like 10 years but I always remember how fucking weird and gross it made me feel.

I was on the phones at the time. I got a caller that seemed normal, like any other caller really. But about 2 minutes into the call I realized he’s messing with me and not actually interested in our products. I can’t remember specifically how, but when you’re on the phones long enough you can just tell.

I immediately called it out and said something like “Sir, you’re not really interested in our products are you? If this is not a serious call I will have to disconnect.”

The guy chuckled at that and responded, “Hold on, before you go I just have one question for you. How big is your mouth and how deep is your asshole? I’d like to find out”.

I burst out laughing said “Ooookay” and just hung up right away. But the first reaction of laughing just dissolved right away and I got this weird feeling of like….dread I guess. I’ve never felt it again to be honest and it’s hard to really describe. But I was just uncomfortable and felt kinda gross. I put myself on not ready and bounced for 15 minutes or so just to reset. And that was that.

But yeah. Dunno. Whenever I think of any of my call taking stories that one is always the first one to get recalled.


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