It’s the same price no matter how many times you call.


A long, long time ago before there was an internet or cell phones there were phone books. I worked for a National phone company in the business office, a precursor of mega call centers and I handled our directory desk.

Most telephone lines got one free listing with their name, phone number and optionally, their address. Big businesses had more complicated listings, called caption listings, with their names and multiple locations and/or departments with various phone numbers. Each phone number listed required its own order and was somewhat complicated to write to make sure it was placed in the correct position. All the caption listings were handled exclusively by the directory desk.

One morning one of the reps comes to me and says New Mall wants to know how much a caption listing would be with all the stores listed. I told her $1 additional per month and a $14 one time charge per line.

That afternoon another rep asks me the same question and I give the same answer. The next day a third rep comes to me with the same question. This time I take the call.

Hi. This is Ms. mamabear-50. I handle caption listings. The cost is $1 per line monthly and a $14 one time charge per line. You’ve called in three times and gotten the same answer. The price isn’t going to change. And if by some chance someone quotes you the wrong price the order will come to me. I will call you with the correct price and check if you still want the listing. No matter how many times you call in or who you talk to the price will not change. Just let me know when and if you’re ready to place the order. They quietly said ok and hung up.

They finally placed the order and I wrote the 100 or so orders.


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