I finally did it


I finally got out

I left a month ago and have only just gotten round to actually adjusting to the fact that my new place actually cares about it’s employees? I got really sick in my first week (like a horrible flu but it wasn’t covid). And I messaged my line manager that morning to say I might be a bit late because I wanted to get some lemsip and that I had to do a covid test – he bought the lemsip for me instead

When I got in, everyone was asking me if I’m okay and telling me to take it easy. When my line manager asked again if I was okay about an hour and a half into my shift I admitted that I was only there because it was my first week. He then told me to not worry about that and that I should go home. He even emailed my work email to say in writing that when it came to the end of my probation the absence will not go against me

I honestly almost cried. I had a few people then message me later in the day to see how I was doing. It’s so weird actually being in a work place that actually cares about it’s employees

It’s an office – I’m in admin and I’ll only ever have to take a phone call from a customer if the telephony team are being drowned in calls. Even then it’s only if I’m a senior admin. One of the girls who was training me has been there since May and hasn’t taken any calls yet

I hope you all get out soon ❤️


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26 days to go, and I’m never answering another customer’s phone call again!

The most uncomfortable I’ve ever felt.