Temp Call Center Employee: Security Questions


Hello! I’m currently assisting the bank I work for by temporarily assisting the call center due to a recent acquisition of another bank! I’m actually having a lot of fun and enjoying my time, but maybe that’s because I know it’s only temporary, lol.

This one is a quick one.

I’ve been making a habit of offering to put in complaints for people, especially if it’s something that’s pretty minor, petty, or ridiculous, mostly because I want someone else to see the types of complaints that we are getting and roll their eyes in spirit with me.

That, and telling a customer that you’re filing a complaint at least makes them feel somewhat validated and like you’re doing something for them.

This recent caller was trying to set up his online banking, which, admittedly has been the biggest sore spot during this acquisition.

He attempted to answer his security questions but for some reason was unable to answer the one about who his oldest nephew is.

So with his permission I cleared his questions so he could re-set them up to his liking.

Well…. He didn’t like any of the questions and by the third one refused to select one and answer it.

“Where were you when you had your first kiss? Who the hell remembers that? Who fucking cares? I mean… favorite book ad a kid? Didn’t have one! Favorite restaurant in college? Who remembers this shit! These are ridiculous! They’re too subjective and ridiculous! I mean, favorite places to visit as a child? What kind of question is that? Who cares!”

This went on in a similar vein.

Sure, maybe some of them are a little silly, but the point of them IS to be subjective and personal to decrease the likelihood that someone can answer them if they get your user ID and PW.

He didn’t really like that explanation and had to escalated. Sorry to the next agent. :/

I did put in a complaint about his gripes with the questions, quoting him as verbatim as I could, and at least he was somewhat satisfied with that.


What do you think?

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