How on earth are we meant to help you if you won’t give my ANY details?!


Had to post this to get this off my chest because I’m still raging and I work from home so have no one to vent to.

Had this woman phone in demanding an explanation for an email she’s just had from us but refused to give me any information about her, asking why I needed it. How the hell am I meant to know what the issue is about if I cant even get your name?!

For starters she didn’t bother calling the right department (the number for them was just at the bottom of the email if she had even bothered to look) and instead called the main number she obviously found on Google without checking if she was even in the right place before demanding why we have done X, Y and Z as if I had been the one who had sent it!

On top of all that she had her child SCREAMING the whole time beside her and she didn’t do anything to stop them.

My ears are still bleeding and I’m absolutely DONE with today. Only another 5 hours left of this hell….


What do you think?

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