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Hello everyone. So I’ve worked in a call center for over a year now and I’ve hated pretty much every second. We handle card fraud and people are assholes when it comes to money (duh). Silly me thought this job would be easy since I get to work from home and “help people”. I am shocked at how many people yell at me for telling them they had fraud so the card was shut down to prevent anymore monetary loss. 30-40% of people get mad at me using any slander they can or demand I open there card even though there is fraud. I don’t even have the capability to do it we are just a third party verifying what that person’s bank wants us to verify. If it’s fraud there system shuts it down, nothing I can do but tell them the next steps they need to take. It’s gotten so bad I will disconnect my headset during calls when people are assholes, it doesn’t disconnect the call but when I plug it back In I can’t hear them they can’t hear me so I code it as a dropped call before hanging up. So far my stats come back all good but I know they will catch on eventually and I don’t want to be fired. My mental health has taken a heavy toll from it where I start to believe I’m a useless piece of shit (said by a customer). My wife has given me the green light to quit without a job lined up so I can study to get certified in comptia A+ to hopefully get me started into IT profession. How bad is it if I just quit with no 2 weeks? Can I even put them on my resume?

Tldr: I hate my CC job, people use slander and treat me like a sub-human, I sometimes believe them and my mental health is getting fucked. I’ve worked there for a little over a year now but wife gave the green light to quit without a backup job. Should I still do 2 weeks notice or just quit? Can I still include them on my resume??

Update: so I’ve sent me resignation letter and my supervisor reached out asking if they could do anything. I was surprised and let him know I’ve been burnt out with customer service. I am pursuing a certification through comptia and looking into the IT field. He let me know IT had a position open but it was still customer service. If it’s an internal customer service with employees I could totally get through but external I think would just put me in the same position I’m in now.

What do you think?

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