Telling a customer the truth.


Many years ago, whilst I was at university, I worked in a call centre for a large Australia telco.

The call centre I worked at was in an affluent suburb of Sydney. We had another office in Melbourne. (This was before Aussie call centers got outsourced to other countries.)

The company I worked for had the reputation of being very forward thinking. They were happy to hire bright and happy people. They were amazing at recognising “alternative” lifestyles.

A substantial amount of my workmates identified as LBGT++.
Our Christmas party was the third biggest event on the Sydney gay calendar, behind Mardi Gras and the Filth Ball.

One graveyard shift, I had the misfortune of taking a call from an extremely irate man. He had already spoken to a couple of other CSRs and had terminated both the calls.

As soon as I answered his call, he told me he didn’t wish to speak to a woman, or a f***ot bloke.

I told him in a very perky voice;

“Well Sir, that’s all we have here. “

He called me a c*nt and terminated the call.


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