Detective Monday Calling on a Monday? Suuurreee


So this turned out to not be a scam but I definitely thought it was at the time. I worked in a customer service at a call center that handled Medicare supplemental plans. Since we handled health insurance we had to get verbal or written permission from the person on the policy to talk to anyone else about any aspect of a policy because of HIPAA laws.

One day I had this guy call in on behalf of an elderly lady and he said he needed to know what all her policy entailed. Now we had a couple of people we were authorized to talk to on her account already but he says he’s not one of those people, he’s a detective and his name is “Detective Monday” (and he called in on a Monday).

I paused for a few seconds because come on. Then I was like “I can’t talk to you unless the member gives me permission to, are they there so I can speak to them and get that permission?” Of course the member wasn’t with them and they asked for my supervisor so I put them on hold and told my supervisor what was happening and she happened to be talking to another supervisor who overheard and they both laughed but they took the call and put in a ticket to upper management to investigate the call.

Turns out he is a real detective (the member accused us of fraud or a scam, that happened a lot from older members who refused to try to understand how Medicare worked) and he was actually named Detective Munday and he was doing what any lawyer or detective does when they call us, being shady trying to get us to break HIPAA laws.


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