superduperurgent thing for client, demands urgent action – but could not stay on hold for 1 minute


why? why demand something from me, i tell you i will, and please stay on hold (there is music when on hold, so not to be mistaken for a dropped connection) and then hang up after less than a minute wait time?

i had a client today, who was really angry, because she had a really urgent thing (but did not want to tell us lowly callcenterpeople something about this superduper urgent thing, so maybe we could help her) because she only wanted to talk with her appointed case worker about it.

it happens.

Client: i am really angry because i am calling for two weeks now and never reached my case worker and never got a call from him but i was promised he would call me back!
(i looked it up – she called the first time last friday – but as friday was last week and today is a new week.. technically she was calling us realling for two weeks 😉 also – she called on friday after the closing time of the local branch – and was told, the call back would be today during the day (till 16 o clock, but she was calling around 13 o clock))

Me: i am really sorry, but i see your last call was on friday, we are closed on weekend and so you will be called back today till 4.

Client: No i do not want to wait anymore, you will connect me no with my case worker

Me: if its urgent, maybe i can help you?

Client: connect me to my case worker now!
(as for her case worker, who has personal appointments during the whole day and so is not really availlable for phone calls – there is a reason my callcenter exists in this departement of our countries social security system
but also: we do not have to fight with our clients – if they are so demanding – its the job of the case workers to tell them they should talk with us first because then we can help them quicker than waiting for the call back or a personal appointment)

Me: i will try to reach your case worker, please stay on hold, it may take a few minutes.

Client: as long as you connect me with him!

Me: i will try, please stay on the line.


\>>>>> putting her on hold and calling the case worker – who is availlable (pleasant surprise!).

Me: i have Mrs…. on the phone, she demands to speak with you now, she does not want to tell me about what, only she wants to speak with you – i told her, normally she would be called back during the day, but she demands it now. Her Case Number is…

Case Worker: oh okay, i will tell her in the future she should talk with you guys – you can connect us.

(during this short exchange the second line with her on hold dropped – i looked on the timer, the time she was on hold where only 51 sekonds!)

Me: oh..never mind, she is not on the line anymore.

Case Worker: i will call her back later, but i have many appointments, it will be near 16 o clock i think (it may be my hopeful imagination but… i think it sounded a little bit as reaction for her unwillingness to wait and her behaviour towards me)

i know… it could have been something technical… but i also know, mostly the people hang up and as demanding and angry as she was… i believe it was the latter… her connection with me was clear…


so… realisticly: she will be more angry when she calls again… and will waste more time of someone in my callcenter and of the case worker.. because of her so superduper (and secret ;)) thing she has, she could not wait a minute to speak with the person she wants to talk to…

i believe she will call again… wait again \~10minutes to talk to someone from the callcenter.. and it starts again (if we can reach the case worker again…)

it would understand if she was long on hold and maybe gave up… but i think under a minute is really not unreasonable to wait. (and we are absolutely not allowed cold transfers, we have to talk with the case worker ahead of connecting them)


sorry, a little more rant than tale – i hope it is still ok (i had a few similar situations today with people i wanted to help, doing what i could and they not doing their part and making the whole situation more complicated, taking longer…


What do you think?

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