Right now I’m super close to just letting this go (curse words here and there)


Hey Everyone!

So I work at a huge bank, making cold-calls day long, trying to get people to buy life insurance. One week I work from 8 to 16, and other weeks on 11-19. The greatest problem is with the latter.

After 5pm, most of my calls are just making customers super angry, and being cynical about truly working for the bank, as why would a bank call them so late.. they are quite right actually. Also I have to ask them like 6-7 personal questions to verify their person. Makes the whole thing super uneasy.

But there were a few calls this week, that make my stomach curl up, and my hands shake, it is pretty fucking hard to keep myself together.

And then, this call comes –
6pm~: After a few minutes of struggle, I manage to verify this lady, holding a baby, and as I’m continuing to ask questions, I hear her whispering to someone. It is company policy and also law not to let anyone else hear the conversation, not even their spouse.
I calmly ask her whether the call is on the speakers, and that was when hell broke loose. Her husband, fuming, drunk as fuck, snatched the phone out of hands, the baby started screaming, and he began shouting as loud as he could about who the fuck am I, why do I speak to his wife, I’m not from the bank, why would the bank call them so late during the night, he’s going to fuck me up, and the like.
I was very shocked. This is my second month, and I had some very difficult customers already, but this one felt awfully personal.
I warned him to return the phone to this wife, because we can not continue the conversation like this, but he did not even hear me. After I talked louder so that the woman could hear me over the chaos, I had to warn her, that if this won’t deascalate, I will have to terminate the call. After one more warning, I had to terminate the call.
I was scolded for raising my voice to a customer.

I will have to leave to work in about an hour, this was last night. My stomach is still a knot, the whole company is full of shit.
Why the fuck do I have to make cold calls after 6pm, of course they are upset, even if not quite like this.

Heck, even the insurance we are selling is a piece of shit.


What do you think?

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