“What if you are a criminal??”


I work as a manager in the call center for a rather small mutual fund administrator, we act as the back office for mutual fund companies, taxable accounts and IRAs.

All of my staff are credentialed (FINRA series) and degreed.

Part of our verification involves asking for DoB or SSN, our company is small, so we don’t have the programs where shareholders can enter that in a VRU prior to speaking to a live representative.

The number of times people will accuse my team of untoward or even criminal action when they are verifying is mystifying.

You chose to invest with us! Would you rather we not do a thorough verification and allow John Doe to wipe your account?

Go ahead and complain to the SEC or your state AG.

Rant over


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Right now I’m super close to just letting this go (curse words here and there)

Cookies , Tommy!