The nicest customer


Back in the days, I had this one dude call and demand to speak to me personally every day when I worked for company X’s helpdesk. He took *a lot* of strong medicine and did not even have a X product… but I figured out that he could not play vidya because he had the wrong TV HDMI input, so every day we did a few mins of small talk and fired up the gaming console, laughed together at something weird that had happened since yesterday, and I got a top review. The nicest customer I ever had refused to call the console maker or the TV manufacturer as “they sucked” and hung up, because he sounded so blitzed on benzos and painkillers… so we had a thing for years, and it was a pleasant ritual.

Company X was a huuuge chaebol, making everything from IT and vehicle components to an enormous range of home entertainment products plus heat pumps, business solutions, robots, refrigerators, smart phones, solar panels, control systems et cetera. The nicest customer ever had none of that but the solution was always the same:

>”Please press ‘Input’ on your remote, Anon! It works? Top, have a great day and please rate my performance.”

He got just as happy and grateful every time.

My boss approved of it because I contributed to great national stats, to send to the international HQ.

I hope that he is all right!


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Kudos To Billie!

Right now I’m super close to just letting this go (curse words here and there)