Not a call story but a rant


So I have 2 very specific pet peeves in the workplace.

The first: the coworker (who has 0 authority and is all around a dick) who constantly bitches about anyone saying anything even remotely not related to work. Literally this guy threw a massive fit at having BUBBLES in the office. Precovid. As it is now, any time we have conversations during slow times (last one was about musicals) he throws a fit like we’re all blowing off work to talk instead while we are all literally waiting on calls.

Second: the sup/lead who acts like everyone is stupid. Now, I get they get A LOT of stupid people they have to deal with who work there, but I’ll post something very specific (ex: I have a cx on the phone who is upset at our opt out policy for mailer only being for 12 months at a time and have to call in every year to stop the mailers, wants a sup to file a complaint and sup responds with “my name, the policy is 12onrhs please relay to customer”) I FUCKING KNOW IJUST SAID THAT


What do you think?

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