Grateful Customers


Hey guys

I just had a customer on the phone which I helped to get her email address back. The call took over an hour, but in the end we actually did it and the customer was so fucking happy, I couldn’t even believe it.

She told me what a nice person I was, that I’m a lucky guy and should keep doing what I’m doing.

Quick sidenote, I’m the unluckiest SoaB that’s ever lived. The love of my life just got married to someone else, I’m depressed, I hate this job most days and I want to start drinking (problem is, I don’t really like alcohol…)

But I nearly cried when she said those things to me. It’s so stupid, but when you get yelled at all day long, you don’t even know what a nice person is…

It’s so sad that we don’t get this kind of praise all the time. This was the first time in like 5 months that someone was actually happy and grateful.

Sure, people are happy that shit works again, but never think twice about YOU. You are not a person for them, just a tool, and that’s just so fucked up.

Rant over, have a good night 🙂


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